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I came to New Zealand on a work visa with an objective to find a new home. The next process was to apply for residency in New Zealand and my friend recommended me to have a chat with Care Immigration because I was not comfortable or confident enough doing it myself. It’s a detailed and lengthy process that I didn’t want to get wrong.

My 1st objective was to find someone who was confident enough in offering these services. The response I got from Care Immigration displayed confidence in the services they offered and I immediately got on board. The communication was very easy and they were available anytime by phone, email or face to face meetings. I guess the value to their service is that they would not only support you to get your application together but guide you where you can get all the stuff done that you need to do and most importantly answer all your questions and doubts you have that can be related to queries after you get your residency.

The process was simple, I got an email in the beginning on what I needed to do now and what I will have to do later and what Care immigration will do. The requirements were very clear. If I was not precise with information like recommendation letters, I was informed that INZ (New Zealand immigration) can demand more information and that sort of stuff really proves the experience and wealth knowledge Care Immigration offers during the process. So I put all the tasks in my calendar and did it when the time was right and sometimes to be honest I was lazy so Care Immigration would remind me when I need to do what.

One of my main challenges was that I hold citizenship of a country by descent (never having lived nor travelled there). INZ requires a police clearance certificate from your countries of citizenship. As an applicant, I had no idea how to get over this hurdle and that’s where Care Immigration was vital. In these situations, they either know some other client who had the same challenges and gets you in touch with them so they provide you a process or they know another way around it that is accepted by INZ.

Care Immigration advised me whenever payments were due and whenever they received a payment from me. This helped me keep a record of my payments so it was very handy. They are very good with communication which in my opinion is the most important thing in this kind of service Someone can offer, you don’t want to be dealing with someone who can’t communicate properly or doesn’t care because this is something very important to you and you want someone who cares and someone who you can trust. They also manage all the communication with INZ after the application is lodged, follow up frequently, once approved they take your passport to INZ, get the residency visa stamped and send it back to you and I went to the beach to celebrate (that’s all I did).

This process took me around 6-9 months from start to finish and it does involve a lot of information, documentation that you need to get right and if you are serious about living in New Zealand and applying for residency I strongly recommend you using Care Immigrations services to get your application 100% precise as required by INZ. They don’t sell you a service like credit card sales people do, they are very transparent and up front with all information. If you require to speak to me in person about my experience with Care Immigration or get a few questions answered, Care Immigration can forward you my phone details and lets have a chat.

Mo Belushi (ex UAE) 2012

I came to Care Immigration to get help with getting my New Zealand residency and I couldn’t have made a better choice! I can officially call myself a New Zealand resident, now, and it’s all thanks to Angelina at Care Immigration! I have felt well taken careof and supported from the first meeting until now. The professional and at the same time very warm and familial approach to dealing with me, has always given me the needed trust and confidence in Care Immigration.

I owe all my thanks to Care Immigration for helping me change my life! It’s been amazing all the way through!


Elena (ex-Germany) 2012

It’s almost a year now since we left SA, family, friends and our comfort zone behind. We arrived in NZ and realised that no matter how prepared we were to leave SA and relocate, our expectations and the reality of being here, needed a bit of a shove to match up to each other.

The emotional side of the move is exhausting enough, so having someone like Angelina to deal with paperwork and legal matters involved in obtaining work permits and finally residency, was a blessing.

Thank you for your continuous support and guidance throughout the process. You make a daunting process painless and straightforward.

We highly recommend Care Immigration to anyone wanting to relocate to NZ.

Adriaan and Antoinette Swanepoel (ex-SA) 2011

Working within the consulting field, I have come to expect a high level of professional client care. It is with great pleasure that I can say CARE Immigration has not only met those expectations, but exceeded them. Making the decision to immigrate, as many of you will know, is by no means easy… Although our reasons for moving may vary, and the prospect of a future in a new country is both exciting and daunting, one thing that can certainly ease the process is having an apt professional to guide you at every step of the way.

Angelina has a flare for making the immigration process fairly effortless. I find filling in forms tedious and stressful, especially when negotiating legal matters. It was wonderful to have that entire process taken off my hands! Angelina also ensured that from day one we were preparing all the required documents- thus at the time of submission, we were 100% prepared. When our application was finally accepted, I felt confident and prepared going into the interview. The result – we are now happy NZ residents!!!

Thank you Angie- your kindness and friendship throughout this process will not be easily forgotten!

Marina & Stefan (Ex-SA)
Auckland City, New Zealand 2011

I have found Care Immigration a professional, caring, reliable and client focused consultancy firm. I am very happy that I have found such a professional firm where I got individual attention and my case was dealt with a great attention.

A happy client, now NZ resident 2011

If you want peace of mind, outstanding service together with compassion, professionalism and understanding, which we feel is needed when making a life changing decision in ones life, and for many the biggest decision in ones life, then you can not go wrong with using Care Immigration. To take on a move is big enough without having to negotiate the maze of regulations and rulings which Immigration entails. We researched many immigration consultants before selecting Care Immigration and we are more than happy with the service they have and are still giving us. They are also a terrific group of folks and go that extra mile for you.

Gill Maskell 2010

We would like to express our deep gratitude for your assistance with our work/residence permit. Without your timely help we would have been left unable to accomplish our ambitions.

Kerry and Jacques Van Zyl 2010

Thanks so much for all Great Job. You help me a lot now I can go to my trip! Thank you I’m really happy now.

Erica Bon 2010

Immigration is one of the biggest decisions and steps one can take in life. You leave your entire life behind and start anew which is very stressful and daunting no matter how “prepared” you are.

I chose Care Immigration as they are professional, thorough and friendly. They kept us informed throughout the entire process. When doubt and fear set in, because it does … they were there to reassure us and keep us focused and gave us peace of mind!

From my first consultation in South Africa in June 2008, to arriving in Auckland in February 2009, they have been there to give us all the emotional support we needed along the way.
If you want the best, want to feel special, want an agency that gets the job done, want an agency that treats you as if you are their only client, keeps you informed every step of the way, look no further than Care Immigration. I highly recommend them.

Virna Smith (ex pat South African and now very happy Kiwi!) 2010

Moving to a new country for us as a family of five was not an easy decision. With no family here in NZ, the emotions associated with missing the family back in SA and the hurdles we had to overcome over the past year made it even more difficult. Looking back on our life over this past year has given us even more appreciation for you as our immigration consultant. Your efficiency with our residency application was extremely impressive – from start to finish – you made it so much easier for us as a family. We’ve realised that it would have been so much more difficult, if not impossible to complete the entire immigration process on our own. There were so many steps in the immigration process, policy changes, questions, medicals, permit extensions, work and student permits as well as outgoing visas which all required specialist intervention. The expertise you’ve provided with ease and confidence has made this part of our journey in NZ a piece of cake. Your calm demeanor allowed us the freedom to call you when we just needed to talk, when we needed some encouragement, and when we needed your expertise as our immigration consultant. We are very grateful as a family for all you have done and would highly recommend your consultancy to any person or family who wish to work and live in NZ.

So from me and my family once again thank you so , so much for all you have done Angelina, may you continue the good work in helping people and families like us who come from different countries and wish to embark on a new life in NZ.

God bless you and may Care Immigration grow from strength to strength.

Russell, Yolande and our three children, Ex pats South Africa 2010

My partner and I had the pleasure of working with Angelina for a total of two years, myself being a New Zealand citizen and my partner from Thailand.We started off extending a visitor visa and then progressed to a work visa and finally residency, (yeah !).

From the start Angelina’s attention to detail was superb, we were given all information that was required and explained fully on how the processes worked.The extension of the work visa was achieved in amazingly quick time and we had ample time to collect the required information for the next process. Angelina gave us lots of useful tips and guildance on the presentation of our various applications which I believed made all the difference. Our final Residency application was so informative that it was processed in well under the average time frame, considering us not being married and my partners type of passport we feel this was a great achievement.

If you are considering using Care Immigration we would suggest you are in very good hands and that they will work diligently with you to try and produce a positive outcome.

Jamie and Sutthida 2010

Having now been through the process, I would really like to take the opportunity to recommend Care Immigration to anyone looking to make the move. All things considered it’s been a very smooth transition, and particular thanks to Care who’ve been very supportive throughout. I’ve really enjoyed the efficient and personalised service they offer. It definitely leaves one feeling well assured throughout the application process which helps tremendously when adjusting to a new environment/work-place. As a client it’s been a great experience and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to anyone considering the move to NZ.

Matt Daniel 2010

We would like to say a heartfelt Thank You to Angelina and the expert staff at Care Immigration for going the extra mile while representing our case through the difficult and at times confusing process of obtaining our New Zealand residency.

Angelina’s in depth knowledge of immigration requirements and attention to every case detail made for an exceptionally pleasurable and painless experience. She filed a solid and complete application and we successfully obtained our New Zealand residency a few months earlier than expected.

Thanks to Angelina’s efforts and attention to detail, we are now settled residents, and would not hesitate to recommend Care Immigration to anyone embarking on the difficult process of immigration.

Ian,Kelly and Caitlin Hamilton
Bayview, Auckland 2010

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